Day of the Dead 2018

September 29 through November 25, 2018

Call for Artists!

Day of the Dead at its core is a celebration of life. It’s about remembering deceased loved ones and honoring their life. This year’s Day of the Dead exhibition will focus on those big moments in life that make a life well-lived and shape the person we remember in death.

We are looking for artwork and altars that focus on life’s memorable moments through a Day of the Dead lens. Such moments could be birth of a child or grandchild, marriage, graduation, job success, or a bucket list item completed. The artwork can be framed artworks of any time or installation pieces. Altars can be of up to 8 feet wide by 8 feet tall by 4 feet deep.

Interested participants should send a photo, a conceptual design of their proposed artwork or altar, or any questions to no later than August 15.