Discovery Kits

No time for a fieldtrip? Bring local history into your classroom with our interactive Discovery Kits! Each learning kit is supplied with lesson plans, hands-on objects, books, DVDs and dress up clothes. Designed to conform with the 3rd and 4th grade History/Social Studies content standards, they are ideal for all elementary-age children. HAHS Discovery Kits are also easily customized to cover the Language Arts, Visual Arts, Science, and Environmental Education Standards.

Reservations for Discovery Kits must be made at least two weeks in advance by phone or by using this form. Please call the Education Department at (510) 581-0223 for more information.

Fee: $25 per week

Pick-up/Drop-off on Fridays

Ohlone Discovery Kit

Who were the first people to live in this area, and what was life like for them?

Alta California Discovery Kit

California was once a part of Spain and Mexico. What was the experience of those living at Mission San Jose and the ranchos of the East Bay.

Early Settlers Discovery Kit

How did the communities of Castro Valley, Hayward and San Lorenzo get started?

Immigration Discovery Kit

Who has come to California and the Hayward area over time and why?

Railroad Discovery Kit

Explore the history of the Transcontinental Railroad and of local rail lines with your students.