Teacher Resources

Teachers, you will find great educational resources on this page. They are either directly produced by HAHS or they are available online resources our Education staff find worthwhile and helpful.

McConaghy House

Are you bringing your students to the McConaghy House? Use this very comprehensive teacher packet to prepare them for their field trip to the 1888 Victorian.

McConaghy House Teacher Packet

HAHS Museum of History & Culture

Bring your students on a tour of the “Your Story” exhibit which explores the impact of individuals on local community history. The teacher packet will provide your students with a sense of understanding individual and family stories as building blocks in telling the history of the community over centuries. The students will see themselves and their stories as valuable members of this community.

Your Story Teacher Packet

San Lorenzo Pioneer Cemetery

Explore the history of San Lorenzo and its pioneers. Bring your students on a memorable fieldtrip to the San Lorenzo Pioneer Cemetery and use this teacher packet to prepare your students.
San Lorenzo Pioneer Cemetery Teacher Packet

Immigration Kit

Interested in teaching students about the rich diversity of the Hayward area? Our Immigration Kit Teacher Packet comes with lesson plans and stories of different children who have migrated to the Hayward area. This packet usually comes paired with our Immigration Discovery Kit, but feel free to download it here and use it independently. 

Immigration Kit Teacher Packet

Outside Resources

Looking for creative and fun ways to teach students about history and diversity? Check out these resources we’ve compiled from other organizations:

Latino Americans

Produced by the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) and the American Library Association (ALA), this is a wonderful resource for the history of Latino Americans and grants.

Ohlone Curriculum

East Bay Regional Park District has created a wonderful set of lesson plans focusing on local tribal peoples past to present.

Stanford History Education Group (SHEG)

SHEG is a collaboration among many working to address issues of historical understanding and the history education.

Teaching Tolerance

The Southern Poverty Law Center is dedicated to reducing prejudice and have hundreds of lesson plans aimed at teaching children to respect each other’s differences.