Our town

The Children’s Gallery, Our Town, is a fun, hands-on learning space to explore the history of our communities. Geared toward children from toddlers to about age 11 (though we expect teens and adults to enjoy it, too!), Our Town has four areas to discover.  Check in to the Hayward’s Hotel and leave messages for other visitors. The recreated interior, complete with trunks and luggage invites children to unpack baggage to find out who came to visit and what they brought with them. Do business at Holmes Grocery Store, a former B Street landmark. Children can play at buying and selling grocery items, checking things off of shopping lists, weighing their produce, and ringing up sales on the vintage cash register.  In the Cannery, learn about the variety of produce grown here and the canning industry that packed many of those products.  Children try their hand at canning by packing fruit on a moving conveyor belt.  The last space in the Children’s Gallery is about our natural environment.  A grand mural depicts the way our area might have looked and sounded before people settled here and changed the landscape. Children have a chance to catch ‘fish’ in a reimagined section of San Lorenzo Creek. Throughout the Children’s Gallery, the emphasis is on active and engaging exploration.