Ticket Packages

Social Special: conference only $25

Visitation Special: one investigation only (choice of house and date) - $65

McMeek Special: conference and both investigation nights (choice of which for both nights) - $130

California Gold VIP package (limit 10) - includes same as McMeek special as well as reserved seating for all speakers, a choice of date for 1 person for a public paranormal investigation in the May-Sept 2018 season, 1 year individual HAHS membership with the option to upgrade with inquiry. - $200

Tickets for the 2018 Hayward Paranormal Conference must be paid in advance. For additional purchasing options, please email hahsparanormal@haywardareahistory.org.

Please specify investigation options when ordering tickets. For McMeek Special and California Gold VIP, please select "Both Investigations" as your preferences will be confirmed directly.

Paranormal investigations for ages 18+.

Paranormal Workshop
Investigation Options