Devin Sisk has been working in the paranormal field for the past 15 years doing as a paranormal investigator, dowser, and public speaker. He has been involved in over 650 private investigations, and has worked with many leaders in the paranormal field. Currently he is the co-owner of Napa City Ghosts & Legends Walking Tours, Sonoma Plaza Ghost Walk, and the Haunted Vacaville Walk in the San Francisco Bay Area with his partner Ellen MacFarlane. He and Ellen have been featured on numerous TV shows &  networks including, Eye on the Bay, Animal Planet, Travel Channel’s #1 Show “Ghost Adventures” KOFY TV 20’s Creature Features, Famous Monsters TV,  Destination America, and more. They were both recently featured in the October 2017 release of the film “Haunted Wine Country - A Documentary” and have been featured on radio and on podcasts across the world. Ellen has worked in the field for over 20 years as a historian, and paranormal researcher, and more recently as a medium who helps to solve cold cases and missing persons cases. The two of them plan to move forward with a mobile tour in the near future to even more cities, and will be working in TV once again in 2018. They enjoy public speaking on the paranormal, and in their spare time collect haunted items.