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Rev. Fr. David Deerfeeder is an ordained priest in the Old Catholic Tradition who is also a multi-sensate medium. Fr. David was featured in the "Ghostly Voices" episode of the television series "A Haunting." Along with his ability to see, hear, sense and intuit the spirit world, David also employs psychometry as a way of connecting the living and the dead. 

An award-winning songwriter and performer, David weaves original songs, stories, and his stand-up comedy chops into his presentations along with his mediumship.

He is a popular presenter at paranormal events in Northern California and Nevada, and with his Solano County Paranormal team leads the Ghost Tour in Suisun City, CA.

David credits his abilities to a "family tradition" as well as a death experience he had as a child. He believes everyone is sensitive, and can develop their gifts. He also believes in treating the dead with respect.

For those still among the living, he can be reached at parafatherdave@gmail.com.