collections wish list

This is a very diverse community with many stories to tell and we are dedicated to expanding our collection so that it represents all aspects of our community.  Something doesn’t have to be old to be an artifact.  It can be an item used yesterday as easily as a Victorian chair.  It is the stories an artifact can tell that make it interesting.  And remember, we are the Hayward AREA Historical Society—we don’t just collect Hayward history!

Here is a list of a few things we would like to obtain:

  • Artifacts related to families or individuals who immigrated to the Hayward area, for example, a suitcase, travel paperwork, items brought from their former place of residence, and family photos
  • Yearbooks for all the local high schools from 2000 to the present
  • Photographs of local activities and family photos
  • Men’s clothing from any period, especially work clothes
  • Home movies
  • Tables from various periods
  • Clothing accessories such as jewelry, purses, and shoes for men and women, any period
  • Women’s clothing from 1930s, 1940s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s
  • Electronics such as television, kitchen appliance, telephone, radio, PDA, etc.
  • Children’s clothing
  • War Home front items from World War II, Korean War, Vietnam War, Iraq War or the War on Terrorism such as letters, documents, war workers identification cards, items that belonged to local serviceman, anything that illustrates the feeling in the community toward the war like protest signs, petitions, photos of marches.)
  • Toys
  • Musical instruments (except pianos)
  • Sports uniforms
  • Military items related Hayward area military personnel from any military conflict (except World War II era uniforms)
  • Items related to businesses in the area (receipts, photos, product, bags, crates, store fixtures, small signs, etc)
  • Items related to Alameda County fire department or sheriff’s department especially in relationship to their activities in Castro Valley, San Lorenzo, Cherryland, Ashland, and Fairview.
  • Small agricultural tools
  • High school items such as uniforms, letterman sweaters, anything with school mascot (note: we have a considerable collection of artifacts from Hayward Union High School but not the other high schools including the current Hayward High.)