Collection :: Salt Photos

Photographs of salt and salt production in the Hayward area. Primarily from Oliver Salt Company, c. 1900.

1954 aerial

Aerial photograph of salt ponds and buildings.


Oliver Salt Mill

Multi-story building, probably Oliver Salt mill. 79.033.4884


Men shoveling salt

Men shoveling salt into piles in front of what is probably the Oliver Salt works. 79.033.4869


Salt mill

View of what is probably Oliver Salt works from the water. 79.033.4870


Pump and bridge

To the right is a windmill, with a small footbridge leading to the salt works at the left in the distance. 79.033.4871



Barrels lined up next to rail tracks. The tracks were probably for carts that were used to haul salt from the ponds to the mill. 79.033.4873



Dock behind the salt mill. Stacks of lumber and barrels. 79.033.4874


Archimedes screw pump

Close-up view of an Archimedes screw pump, used to pump water out of the salt ponds. 79.033.4936


Misc. buildings

Miscellaneous buildings around the salt works. 79.033.4878


Salt ponds

In the foreground are piles of salt. In the distance are various salt ponds and two Archimedes screw pumps. 79.033.4939



View of the waterway that leads to the salt mill. Two boats are in the water near a dock on the far bank. The boat in the distance is a steam-powered paddle boat. 79.033.4883


Salt ponds & waterway

Oblique aerial view of salt ponds and the waterway that leads to the salt mill. 79.033.4917


Aerial of salt ponds

Oblique aerial of salt ponds and the shoreline.


Men bagging salt

Men standing on a wooden platform bagging salt. 79.033.4923


Water pump

To the left is a windmill and small building, probably for pumping water out of the salt ponds. 79.033.4965


Building interior

Men bagging salt inside a wooden building. In the foreground is a pile of bags of salt. 79.033.4898


Screw pump

Back view of Archimedes screw pump. Halftone print. 79.033.0089


Waterway and ponds

Oblique aerial view of waterway and salt ponds. 79.033.4951


Mill under construction

Photograph of the salt mill under construction. 79.033.4927


Salt production

Oblique aerial view of salt ponds, salt piles, and men shoveling salt. To the left is a waterway. 79.033.4941



Engine at Oliver Salt Mill. 79.033.4907B


Bagging Salt

Two men bagging salt inside a building at Oliver Salt Works. 79.033.4964