My Name is Carrie Rodriguez and I am a Witch, Psychic, and Paranormal Investigator. On the more personal side, I am married to an amazing and gifted husband. Both of us were born and raised in San Jose California. Together we have 5 children. I am also an RDA.

My magickal name is La Hermosa Bruja. Translated the meaning is "The Beautiful Witch." Not beauty as in looks, but as in pure in spirit and ethics. In other words, I am a Witch and I specialize in protective magick.

I am a Solitary Practitioner of The Craft. I do not belong to a coven. This is my own choice as I feel belonging to one would hinder my spiritual journey.

My goal is to help, teach and provide to people the understanding that they are not alone and that when they need that magical or spiritual kind of help, I'm here. I am not like other "readers" online in that use Tarot Reading Computer software, I am the real deal. Sitting on the computer with a cup of coffee and my cards.

I also create my own incense, spell kits and spiritual protection items for those who do not possess the knowledge to do it themselves. I also have a line of handmade handfasting cords, ropes, and spiritual theme jewelry.