We're looking for a few good...

By Diane Curry, Curator

…photos! (not what you thought I was going to say, huh?). Every museum has gaps in their collection—certain subjects or people that should be represented in the collection but just aren’t because the museum hasn’t looked for them specifically or the items haven’t been donated yet. We have a gap in our photography collection that show people, businesses, and activities in Mt. Eden and especially Chabot College. We need your help to fill that gap!

On November 15th, from 11 am to 3 pm, we’re partnering with Chabot College to host a Photo Day here at the HAHS Center for History and Culture. A Photo Day is where you bring your photos to share with us, in this case Mt. Eden and Chabot College photos. We will do one of two things with your photos: one, we’ll scan your photos and make digital copies to add to our digital collection while you get to keep the original photos. We ask a few questions while the photos are being scanned so we have lots of information about the photos; or two, if you’d like to donate the actual photos, we’re happy to take them to add to the collection and it takes just a few minutes to fill out a little paperwork. By giving us a digital copy of your photos, we’re not asking you to give up copyright or ownership of the photos. We just ask for permission to use the images in exhibits, publications, articles, and for general research purposes.

So, if you have photos to share of your family business or farm, the home where you grew up or the school you attended in Mt. Eden. If you ever went to classes at Chabot College or sat through a performance (or in my case, your little brother’s track meet at the Stadium), then please drop in on November 15th to see us. There will also be a video camera provided by Chabot College set up in our Special Gallery where you can share your memories of Mt. Eden and Chabot College. To sweeten the deal, those who drop in to share their photos and memories with get free admission to the museum galleries. It’s really a win-win!

Oh, and by the way, we’re also doing a food drive with the Alameda County Food Bank so bring your canned goods in too! (I know we just ask and ask and ask…but hey, we’re a community organization and we have to work for our community, right?).

Hope to see you on November 15th!